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OHHH!!! Meet This Smoking Hot Shahid Kapoor With His New Drool-Worthy Tattoo!

April 15, 2016 Views: 2,354

Udta-Punjab-Poster-Shahid Kapoor

We don’t know how long Shahid Kapoor continues to surprise us with his complete transformed look! We can bet that after you check him out in Tommy Singh avatar for his upcoming movie Udta Punjub, like us, you too will be just blown away. For this role, he has gone through entire transformed look and after having the glimpse, you cannot help to wait eagerly for more posters and the entire movie to watch. Why? Because you have to admit that Shahid Kapoor is looking too hot and sexy in his new avatar with eye-catching tattoo.

Shahid Kapoor-Tattoo-Udta-Punjab

Shahid Kapoor-Tattoo-Udta-Punjab

According to some sources, there is buzz that Shahid is playing the role of a rockstar in the first half of the movie Udta Punjab. Earlier he was concealing the blue body art that he had already done for that first half. Later on, he has posted his new look on the social media network.

Now according to the rumor mills, Shahid has shortened his hair for the second half. Along with that, you may find him with tattoo all over the body.

As per the report of one of the close sources of Shahid, “Shahid Kapoor has got his body covered with tatoo’s in the second half of the film. Shahid was seen recently getting a new hairdo and getting temporary tatoo’s’ made for the film. The actor has just finished the shooting of Udta Punjab and come to Mumbai”.

Well Shahid, all your fans are dying to catch you up in the new avatar….

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