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Oh!!! No!!! Release Of Hichki Starring Rani Mukerji Is Changed To This Date

February 3, 2018 Views: 366

Hichki Rani Mukerji

Lot of enthusiasm can be noticed behind the comeback of Rani Mukerji after a sabbatical for pregnancy. Trailer of the movie of Hichki starring Veer Zaara actress Rani Mukerji is quite cool. Initially the release date is fixed on 23rd February. However, it has moved to 23rd March now. So, you may have wait for about one more month to see Rani Mukerji onscreen again. Internal screening of Hichki has been held within YRF and it has received an amazing response from people. Therefore, the makers have decided to release the movie after the examination only. In this way, the movie may able to win more hearts and audience.

Based on the results from the private screening, decision has been taken. Positive response from the viewers present at the screening has led to this situation. By meeting Aditya Chopra, marketing and production team has convinced him to release in a date where they have an open window to engage more number of audience. So, March 23rd is scheduled as the release date for the movie Hichki.

On the occasion, producer Mannesh Sharma has said “Hichki is an out and out family movie that will entertain audiences across all age groups. The YRF team decided that 23 March, 2018 is the best release date for Hichki especially given the post exam scenario for students and families – the most relevant TG for this film”

Character called Naina Mathur will be played by Rani Mukerji that suffers from a neurological disorder called Tourette symptom. .  Repetitive movements can be made by the person in addition to a sound. By taking strength from her condition, she may change the world around her completely along with a bunch of kids. Society discriminates in order to say Naina that she cannot become a teacher due her health conditions. However, Naina has come upfront to tell everyone that she is capable. Director for the movie is given by Siddharth P.  Malhotra.