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Official Trailer Of Little Singham: Animated Series Of Rohit Shetty Will Remind You About Ajay Devgn In Singham

March 13, 2018 Views: 1,072

Little Singham

Following to the success of Golmaal Again, director Rohit Shetty has cut himself off the limelight as he has working on the pre production of his next directorial Simbaa with Ranveer Singh. However, he has been busy with another project as well that is going on simultaneously. Special installment of Singham will be offered to the audience soon. First promo of the show has arrived already. It is an animated series that has been made in collaboration with Reliance Animation and Discovery Kids. It is expected to be called Little Singham. Third edition of Singham may be made soon also. The animated series by Rohit Shetty may revolve around one of the youngest cops of India. By looking at the trailer of Little Singham , you will be certainly eager to see the real one.

Franchise of the film has certainly influenced the making of the movie. Popular dialogue from Ajay Devgn “Aata Majhi Sataklee” will be mouthed by little Singham also. Combination of action, drama and action can be seen with this movie. Now, it may time to look at the official trailer.

Little Singham - Aata Majhi Saataklee

Little Singham – Aata Majhi Saataklee

Director Rohit Shetty has said that discussion regarding Singham 3 has been going on certainly. However, we have to stay happy with an animated series right now. In the process, value has been added to the franchise. Direction of the movie is given by Vikram Veturi. Premiere of Little Singham will be seen in April, 2018. So, are you interested to see it?

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Reference Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-y8CDwa2yo