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Nostalgic: Renuka Shahane Brings Two Of Her Co-Stars Shahrukh Khan From Circus And Sachin Khedekar From Sailaab In A Single Frame

March 8, 2018 Views: 150

Renuka Shahne-Sachin Khedekar- Shahrukh Khan

Still, people can be found that miss the rich content on television. In the past, emotional stories are shared on the television in the place of saas-baahu saga and supernatural drama that is popular right now. Recently, Renuka Shahane has sahred her thoughts on the subject and has been in the news for this also. Now, a picture has been shared by Renuka where we can see both Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Khedekar with her. By looking at this picture, we have been reminded of golden time of television. Both Sailaab and Circus have been popular shows in television during 90s. Lots of fans of the show can be found.

Circus has been directed by Kundan Shah and Aziz Mirza. In this show, Renuka and Shahrukh have been paired together romantically. Shahrukh has played the role of circus owner named Shekharan where Renuka has appeared as Maria. During Sailaab, top notch acting has been noticed from Renuka Shahane as well as Sachin Khedekar. Characters of Renuka and Sachin have been obliged to stay apart due to certain situation. However, they have met in the course of life later on and started a relationship of platonic nature.

Last year in February, news has been heard that Circus will be shown once again in Doordarshan. During this time, request has been made by people to air Fauji as well where Shahrukh has played one of main parts.

For a long time, Renuka Shahane has not been seen in the movies. However, she is making a comeback now with 3 Storeys where she will play a role of an aged lady.