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Movie Review: Fan

April 16, 2016 Views: 1,079

Fan Poster

Movie: Fan

Star Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Waluscha D’Souza, Shriya Pilgaonkar​

Directed by: Maneesh Sharma

Fan Poster

Fan Poster

Past few films of Shahrukh Khan has not done well in the box office. Therefore, lot of apprehension has been seen around success of Fan prior to the release.  It is certainly good news for the Shahrukh Khan’s fan as he has made a comeback once again. The Bollywood badshah is excellent as both the super star Aryan Khanna and his twisted fan Gaurav Channa.


The script is much better in comparison to his other movies in the recent past. Thrilling watch has been ensured through the span of the movie. Both the protagonists of the movie are played by Shahrukh Khan. Two characters are quite different from each other. In spite of it, smooth narrative has been maintained. It is certainly a commendable matter on the part of director Maneesh Sharma and script writer Habib Faisal. Starry image of a Shahrukh has been represented in the movie. However, it can be considered a matured self of the star.


From a humble beginning, journey of today’s super star Aryan Khanna has been shown. During struggle, he has stayed in small hotels. However, his desire and indomitable spirit to achieve success has given his present status within the movie industry. Star has become a brand himself.



On the other hand, Gaurav Channa has idolized Aryan Khanna from his childhood. He is a cyber café owner from Inder Vihar, Delhi. Gaurav is a confident person who mimics Aryan flawlessly. Due to his qualities, Gaurav has managed to win a trophy in a local competition. As a fan of Aryan Khanna, it is his ardent desire to share the trophy with the star.

In order to achieve the goal, he leaves for Mumbai. He even stays at the same small hotel. However, he falls in a dilemma when he sees thousands of fans chanting the name of idol in front of the star’s house.

Through detailed planning, Gaurav manages to meet Aryan face to face. However, it is not the encounter of Gaurav’s dream. Gaurav requests the star to give more credit to the fans for his success. However, Aryan refuses to do so.

The real story begins after this encounter as Gaurav tries to expose true self of the star. Conflict has been observed throughout the character of Gaurav. He is awe of Aryan and wants to reveal him in front of others. From the beginning of the film, cynicism in the character of Gaurav has been showcased subtly. Now, how long he will go to meet Aryan Khanna? The answer to this question is given in later part of the movie. There is no doubt that it is story of a star and his fan whether he is good and bad.



Good points:

  • Long scenes where Aryan Khanna meets his fan Gaurav has been shot brillianly by the director.
  • During climax, Gaurav tries to imitate Aryan Khanaa. It is a scene that stays in the heart and mind for a long time.

Bad points:

  • Second half is not promising as the first half.
  • The climax has been stretched.

Director and Crew:

Director Maneesh Sharma has done quite a wonderful job as he offers the viewers a chance to decide about the morality of both Aryan and Gaurav.

Kudos goes to VFX and make-up artist team as they transform Shahrukh completely in the form of Gaurav.

Final Verdict: It is certainly a movie that requires a watch.

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