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Mira Keeps Misha On Her Arms While Showing Off The Tattoo – Here Are Some Pictures

December 15, 2017 Views: 490

Mira Kapoor And Misha Kapoor

Did you know that Mira has a tattoo on her back?

Being a fitness freak, Mira visits the gym on regular basis. Therefore, lots of her gym pictures can be seen. Sometime, Mira goes to the gym with husband Padmavati actor Shahid Kapoor as well. They look quite awesome together in their gym attire.

However, Shahid cannot be present with Mira all the time due to his commitments towards work. Therefore, lovely daughter Misha is certainly accompanying her mommy dearest on the occasions. Both of them look quite adorable with each other. Misha has worn a white t-shirt with full sleeve and a floral legging. Her favourite hair band can be found on her head also which has made the scene cute further certainly.

Mira has been getting in to her car and a tattoo has come to our view. It is a minimalistic tattoo. Most of the people have not been aware of the fact that she has a tattoo. Therefore, it is certainly a surprise for us. Beautiful Mira cannot be seen in a backless often. So, her tattoo has not gained our attention till now. What the tattoo is all about? Are you interested to know?

On her shoulder blade, a lotus can be seen which is looked as a sign of purity and divine beauty. Through the leaves, awakening of the souls can be represented. So, it can be considered as a perfect choice for Mira. There is no doubt that Mira is a beautiful girl who easily stands out from the crowd.

Mira Showing Lotus Tattoo With Misha

Mira Showing Lotus Tattoo With Misha

During Neha Dhupia’s show, Vogue BFF’s, enigmatic chemistry between Shahid and Mira have come in to the forefront. Some pictures from the show have been posted by Shahid on the occasion to prove the point.

Shahid Kapoor And Mira Kapoor In Neha Dhupia's Show

Shahid Kapoor And Mira Kapoor In Neha Dhupia’s Show

Following to the chat show of Karan Johar, the lovely couple has come together once again for this show.

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