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Marriage Date Is Set For Massan Fame Actress Shweta Tripathi With Actor Rapper SlowCheeta

April 14, 2018 Views: 58

Shweta Tripathi With Actor Rapper SlowCheeta

Journey has been started by Masaan and Haraamkhor fame actress Shweta Tripathi with actor rapper Chaitnya Sharma while talking to each other mid air almost five years back. Chaitnya Sharma is popularly known as SloeCheeta who is expected to marry Shweta on 29th June. It is quite surprising to know that Chaitnya is almost five years younger in age from Shweta. Right now, Shweta is 32 years of age. However, she does not look her age at all. By breaking the news of marriage, Shweta has said, We met because both of us were stepping in for other actors. So, from Bombay (Mumbai), we met in Delhi to perform and hardly spoke throughout. On our way back, we were seated next to each other. It was a 5 a.m. flight, so obviously the plan was to doze off. But we started talking and that was that

On the occasion, Shweta has talked about how she has been proposed also. She has revealed, “He proposed at a place called Cuckoo Club, which is a performing place in Mumbai. He wanted to do it on stage because that’s how we met — for a play. He had told me he has a new play, so I went to see that… But it was the proposal.In Chaitnya’s body, you may able to find a tattoo with Shweta’s name on it also. Isn’t it sweet? Standing tall at 6ft, Chaitnya has talked on stretch about their journey on stage while they are also lot of audience in the front except Shweta.

Later on, it has been said, They say you fall in love, and I fell hard, from about 36,000 feet! Up in the air, into her heart and she already had mine. Relations start from the ground upwards, mine started in the sky. We spoke about whales and the ocean and everything we know. She found me, and I found Nemo.” Goa has been chosen as the wedding destination where Shweta will be married to Chaitnya in the presence of close family and friends.




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