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Mahesh Bhupathi Gives Company To Her daughter Saira As She Is Trying To Learn Cycling

March 14, 2018 Views: 129

Mahesh Bhupathi With Daughter SaIra

Both Mahesh Bhupathi and Lara Dutta have been enjoying their marital life very much. They have a daughter named Saira as well. The couple with daughter goes on for holidays quite often and shares pictures on social media sites.

Being a loving mother, Lara has said recently My life now revolves around my daughter. I am a hands on mother. I have a responsibility towards my job and family. When we go out on a holiday, we see to it there is a play zone.

Few days ago, Mahesh Bhupathi has been snapped with his daughter on the streets. On the occasion, Mahesh has been giving bike lesson s to Saira. Just beside their house, they have been found on the occasion.

Mahesh Bhupathi With Daughter Sara Cycling

Mahesh Bhupathi With Daughter Sara Cycling

Saira seems a really adorable kid. She has even started tennis lessons under the guidance of his father Mahesh Bhupathi. They have been clicked in the court while training also

Due to busy life with games, Mahesh has recently talked about balance between work and personal life. He has said When I am with them, I try to make up for lost time by doing whatever I can. When Saira was a baby, I would change diapers too, whenever I was around!

Some time back, Lara has shared her apprehension about Saira playing with friends outside the house. She has told us I and Mahesh both will agree that when we were kids in our generation playing out the whole day and night was something so common and a part of our lives as kids. But now sending your kids to play even outside of your building premises is something I as a mother am not comfortable with.