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Lulia Vantur Has Haid This About Katrina Kaif After Watching Tiger Zinda Hai

February 23, 2018 Views: 238

Lulia Vantur-Katrina Kaif-Salman Khan

Due to closeness between Lulia Vantur and Katrina Kaif, lots of headlines are created regarding their impending marriage. However, Lulia has said that newspaper cannot decide a relationship. It is believed that Sultan Salman Khan has a romantic relationship with Romanian singer Lulia Vantur. Both Lulia and Salman have never talked about their relationship openly in public. On asking by the reporters about her marriage with Salman Khan, Lulia has replied “of course”.

During an interview with PTI, Vantur has said You have to focus on your real life and not what is written in the newspapers because you know very well most of them are rumours and not true. I want to make my life positive and not let the negativity seep in”. She has also said that her relationship with Salman may not be affected these silly rumours at all.

Further, she has said Why should a title in a newspaper change someone’s equation? The relationship between two people is based on trust, love and understanding. I don’t think some titles can affect any relationship. The relationship between two people is not made in a newspaper, it’s made in real life

Lulia is not bothered about these rumours and link ups at all. However, she does not like the fact that her parents are sometime affected by it. Stories of bad equation with Katrina Kaif has negated also by Lulia. About performance of Katrina Kaif in Tiger Zinda Hai, Lulia has said She’s done an amazing work. We have nothing to (fight about)… She’s a lovely girl”. Recently, a single called “Harjai” has been released by Lulia. So, she is very curious to know about the response of the audience. Host and actor Maniesh Paul will debut as singer with this single as well.


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