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Looking For Some Scary Travel Experience? Then You Must Visit This Spot In Karnataka

August 26, 2016 Views: 955

Avalabetta Hilltop

So you always want to travel around some dangerous destinations? Do you always look for some new places for more adrenaline rushes? Then, we have found out one such place exactly like your dream. Maybe it is going to be your next travel destination to head out to.

Surely, it is going to give you a jerk into a scare of a lifetime. The place seems to be more interesting if you have afraid of height because it is that place where you can test yourself whether you have the potentiality and mental strength to overcome your fear.

Well, we have given enough introductions. Now, coming to the main point… You must be dying to know the place. It is situated somewhere south in Karnataka where you need to look for Avalabetta fort.

Now, where will you find this Avalabetta fort? It is in Chikballapur district in Karnataka. So, forget about hundred-times-visited regular Nandi Hills and go for somewhere quite newer. Thankfully, this place is still away from the tourist radar.

Avalabetta Hilltop

Avalabetta Hilltop

Along with the fort situated on the top of the hill, you will also find a nice temple site.



The main attraction of the spot is its cliff edge because it is huddled around a pool. That’s why few people are aware of the place.

Avalabetta Hilltop

Avalabetta Hilltop

Sitting on the rock jutting out above such high drop is really a test of nerves.

Avalabetta Hilltop

Avalabetta Hilltop

Only new brave persons dared to step over it and once they did it, they got to see unmatched views.

So, do you have the guts to try this? What do you think?



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