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“Laila Majnu came out and nobody went to watch it” – said Tripti Dimri talking about nepotism

August 18, 2020 Views: 68

Tripti Dimri on nepotism

Tripti Dimri has entered the Bollywood industry without any prior connection or experience. However, she has been receiving rave reviews about her web movie Bulbbul that has released through Netflix recently. Due to the success of the web movie, she has become a lot more confident now. Talking to a media house, Tripti has voiced her opinion about the nepotism and star kids. She has talked about groupism and favouritism also. Further, she has said that audience plays a huge part in it and she has learnt it with her experience.

During the interview, Tripti has said that Laila Majnu has not been a massive hit. In fact, no one has watched the movie when it has released in theatres. She has said, “Laila Majnu (my debut film) came out, and nobody went to watch it. I went to the theatre for seven days, and there were hardly 20-25 people sitting. I think if that film was a hit, I’d have definitely got more opportunities immediately after that. It didn’t; both me and Avinash Tiwary went unnoticed.”

Due to her talent, some people from the industry have acknowledged her. However, she has been largely unnoticed by the audience. On asking whether it would have been easier for her to get new project if she has been a daughter of some celebrity or connections. In reply, Tripti has said “Can you blame star kids for that? If I’m somebody’s daughter, and I’m being offered a film, why would I say no? I’m not asking people to follow me, they are, on their own. You can’t blame them. I’m sure it’s different for them also. They face their own challenges, it’s difficult for them as well. You can’t say they don’t give their 100 percent. Hota nahi hota, they do give that.”

In the end, Tripti has said that blame game must not be played, “So, they’re dealing with different problems. All I want to say is that problems and difficulties are there for everybody, we shouldn’t be playing this ‘who to blame’ game. This debate will go on, there’s no end to it.”



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