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‘Kriti’- A Must-Watch Short Film By Shirish Kunder That Keeps You Glued To The Seat

June 27, 2016 Views: 732

Kriti Cover Pic

In the genre of short film, there is another milestone set by ‘Kriti’ which is the short film directorial debut of Shirish Kunder starred by Manoj Bajpayee, Radhika Apte and Neha Sharma. After its release on the internet, people have enormously appreciated it. Once you watch the short film, you will be surely glued to your seat. Moreover, this psychological thriller is surely going to leave a powerful impact on your mind even after long time you finish watching.

Undoubtedly, the director Shirish who is often seen to make the headlines for Tweeter than making his movies has given his best work with the cinematography and storytelling. By implementing spooky horror elements, he has done justice with all the characters.

A Scene From Kriti

A Scene From Kriti

Portraying the character of a psychologically disordered person, Manoj Bajpayee has bang the screen and he has played his character ‘Sapan’ will full conviction. Neha Sharma plays the role of Sapan’s mystifying girlfriend, Kriti who has approached to Sapan and who is suffering from a strange kind of phobia ‘agoraphobia’ (fear of one’s surroundings).

Now coming to the performance of Radhika Apte who is much remembered for her outstanding performance in last year’s short film ‘Ahalya’ has once again hooked the audience with her stunning performance. Playing the role of Sapan’s psychiatrist friend Kalpana who reveals to Sapan that Kriti is just the fabrication of his imagination and reminds his that earlier also he has dealt with such situation.

However, the question is – Will Sapan manage to overcome his fear?

Needless to say that this 19-minute psychological thrill is so intense and dark that will definitely prevent you to move from your seat.

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