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Kapoor Daughter Riddhima Joins Cousin Karisma Kapoor’s Love Rival

May 4, 2017 Views: 396

Sunjay Kapoor And Priya Sachdev

The Kapoor khandaan is a famously tight-knit one. Ranbir Kapoor and cousins Karisma and Kareena are especially close to each other. But there seems to be something going on.

It is a well known fact that there is no love lost between Karisma Kapoor and Delhi socialite Priya Sachdev who is now married to the actress’s ex-husband Sunjay Kapoor.

Karisma had actually named and shamed Priya in court as the reason behind the end of her marriage.

But it looks like Karisma’s own cousin, Riddhima Kapoor (Ranbir Kapoor’s sister), is Team Priya these days. The reason is business.

A little birdie in Delhi told us that Priya’s fashion portal, Rock N Shop, will soon start selling jewellery designed by Riddhima. Her label, R Jewellery by RKS, has been snapped up by Priya. That’s not all, Riddhima will feature in a promotional video for Priya’s website too.  Earlier, we had told you that Riddhima had ‘Liked’ an Instagram post which showed Sunjay Kapoor cuddled up to Priya Sachdev. This was before Sunjay and Priya tied the knot last month.We are sure that Karisma Kapoor is not pleased with her cousin’s growing fondness for the woman who allegedly wrecked her marriage.

Well, family relations and business ones should be kept separate and seen as such. Hope Karisma can do that.




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