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Kangana Ranaut Vs Twinkle Khanna: Who Looks The Best In The Boho Midi Dress?

June 2, 2017 Views: 782

Kangana Ranaut And Twinkle Khanna In Zara Dress

Have you seen Kangana Ranaut and Twinkle in the same midi dress? Wearing similar dress by the actors is not liked generally. However, both Kangana and Twinkle have brought a signature with the dress. Through fashion, it is possible to express yourself in apt manner. In spite of changing season, you can express yourself with right type of dress. Both Kangana and Twinkle have managed to channel their boho attitude with the dress aptly. For different occasions, ladies have been found in same dress.

Through free flowing fabric, boho style has been reflected here. Now, it is essential to see who has worn the dress in most appealing manner.

The Dress

Zara Midi Length Dress

Midi dress in blued with embroidery in red and tassel has caught the imagination of both Twinkle and Kangana recently.

Twinkle Khanna

Being Mrs Funny Bones, Twinkle Khanna has always managed to maintain a balance between comfort and chic. For couple of occasion, the lady has adorned the dress. Last year, she has been found in the dress at Aaradhya Bachchan’s birthday party. The same has been seen on her some days back while she is coming out of her Juhu house. Due breezy nature of dress, she has worn a metallic flats instead of wedges. Navy totes have been noticed on the side.

Twinkle Khanna In Zara Midi Length Dress

Twinkle Khanna In Zara Midi Length Dress

Kangana Ranaut

Exuberance and excellent taste of Kangana Ranaut in fashion is always loved by the experts. The midi dress from Zara has been worn by the lady for some work. Chill of winter has been nailed by the lady with combat boots in black and linen stole. Chloe bag has been observed with her too.

Kangana Ranaut In Zara Midi Dress

Kangana Ranaut In Zara Midi Dress

So, do you want the same look for yourself? It has been showcased by the ladies that boho look works both in summer and winter. By accessorizing in different manner, brownie points have been gathered certainly.