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Justin Visits Slum In Mumbai

May 16, 2017 Views: 383

Justin Bieber

The concert over, Justin is now going around Mumbai with his body guards in tow. He was seen moving through Mumbai in a vehicle with the windows down, not really typical of a celebrity. But perhaps he wants to see the country he is in and that can only happen with the glasses down. He waved at people as the car passed by.

Justin also visited a slum in Mumbai, met the kids, knelt to speak to them and high-fived them. The kids must be thrilled though its not known if they have any clue as to who he is.

He has plans for Agra, Udaipur and will be putting up in famed places. Earlier it was reported that Justin had placed demands for specific amenities and we hope the authorities responsible were able to meet them.

It’s not tough to understand his demands. A young boy of his age with the popularity that he enjoys and the amount of money he makes can definitely ask for things to be done his way. After this leg of the tour Justin will be in Africa.

Many B-town celebrities were seen at the concert. Sridevi with her family, Raveena, Sonali Bendre, Arbaaz Khan, etc made their way to the show. Bipasha and her husband also attended but had problems with the crowd. Justin was seen at the coffee store for his drink

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