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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has become a proud parent of a baby girl and named her this

August 1, 2020 Views: 49

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

In the midst of lockdown and quarantine due to this COVID-19 pandemic, here is good news for you. The Games of Thrones fame Sophie Turner has given birth to a baby girl with Joe Jonas. Both of them have married each other last year. According to the reports, singer-actor couple has named their baby Willa. By hearing the name, the fans have found a connection with The Games of Thrones.
By digging the archives, fans have found a character with the same name from GoT. Fans have been elated to find this connection with the show. Two minor characters have been observed on the show and one of them has appeared on the episode two of Season 5. It has been a wilding character.
In addition, another character named Willow has been located which has been referred by some as Willa and it has appeared on the final season. During the feast on the 8th season, the character has been present. They have been featured as some of the last Winterfell members.
Based on Refinery 29, we can say that the word Willa comes from Old German Culture. Meaning of the word is ‘will helmet’ or ‘resolute protection’. So, what are your thoughts on the name of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s new born child? Just over a year of their marriage, the couple has become a parent now. On May 2019, the couple has married each other without much planning. The ceremony has been live streamed by DJ Diplo also. Later on, a wedding ceremony has been seen in Italy with family and friends.



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