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It’s Family Time For Sidharth Malhotra As He Enjoys Dinner In Bangkok

December 14, 2016 Views: 896

Sidharth And His Family

Sidharth Malhotra is one star from Bollywood who gives enough time to his family whether he is shooting or not.

Right now, Kapoor and Sons actor has been shooting in Bangkok for his upcoming movie Reloaded which is supposed to be a sequel of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer Bang Bang. The actor is pretty busy with his shooting. However, he has not forgotten about his family in the mean time.

Recently, the actor has shared some interesting picture of having dinner with the family in Bangkok. Both the parents Sunil Malhotra and Rimma Malhotra are present in the dinner. It is believed to be a bonding time with the family.

On the social media site of Instagram, cool pictures of the family have been posted by the actor himself. The actor with age of 31 years has given the caption “Full family here now” with the image.

Sidharth's Family

Sidharth’s Family

Sidharth has spent some quality time with the family. Lavish dinner has been arranged by the actor to give ultimate pleasure to the parents. It is quite clear from the image that the parents are quite proud of him.  The actor comes from a humble background. It is not possible to locate any ties with the movie industry prior to the entry in films. The Student of the Year has started his journey as a model in the beginning. Later on, he has worked with Dharma Production as an assistant director for some time before getting his big break with the Karan Johar’s movie Student of the Year.

For the movie Reloaded, he has been working with Jacqueline Fernanez who has a member of his other film called Brothers also. However, they have not been paired romantically in Brothers. Therefore, a new and fresh pair can be seen on the screen once again with them.

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