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Is Katrina Ready To Make A Move Towards Hollywood Now?

May 19, 2017 Views: 1,115

Katrina Kaif

Bollywood actors used to try in the regional cinema if there is not enough option for them at the moment from Bollywood. Several actors have gone to South in most occasions to try their luck. However, things have been changed completely now-a-days. Trends of going towards Hollywood have been noticed right now. Lot of high profile actors have been looking for an opportunity in the West. Priyanka’s Quantico stint must be given credit to some extent. The Mary Kom actress has also done a Hollywood movie Baywatch which is due for release few days from now. Deepika Padukone has also made a good run in Hollywood. Some other actresses may try their hands in Hollywood too.

Katrina has been asked whether she has thought of debuting in Hollywood. The Dhoom 3 actress has said that she loves to do a Hollywood movie. However, she has a condition. In Hollywood, she wants to be a part of good movies only. Bollywood is her own industry. Mumbai can be considered as her home which has helped to flourish in her career. In case of an excellent offer from West, she may not see a reason to deny it.  English is her first language. Therefore, she may not face any issue with the script. It is believed that her diction and action is just perfect for a Hollywood movie. Due to such ambition in Hollywood, it is quite natural to face some difficulties in the path also.

In order to step in to Hollywood, it is very important to have a manager and agent there. Base must be built also. Lot of time may be required for these things. Complete dedication may be needed for the process. However, she is not really ready to take the plunge right now.

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