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Is Fatima Sana Shaikh Part Of Aamir Khan’s Mahabharata Project?

December 26, 2017 Views: 300

Aamir Khan And Fatima Sana Shaikh

Sometime back, Aamir Khan has expressed a desire to do a movie series on Mahabharata. It can be looked as the dream project of Aamir Khan that has stayed with him for a really long time.

During promotion of Secret Superstar, PK actor Aamir Khan has talked about it also. He has said “My dream project is to make the Mahabharata but I’m afraid of starting the project as I know it will consume at least 15-20 years of my life. My favourite character is Karna, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to play him due to my physique. I may just have to play Krishna. I also liked the character of Arjun. He was the only person who asked Krishna why he had to kill his own people.”

On the occasion, talented actor Aamir Khan has also said that he wants to be a part of Mahabharata even if it is made by the Baahubali director SS Rajamouli.

In the very beginning of year, 3 Idiot actor has told us “My dream is to make Mahabharata one day, which I have not yet achieved or I have not even moved towards it. It’s too scary as a dream, maybe that’s why. It’s a big dream and so let’s see if I can do it one day”

Fatima Sana Shaikh In Mahabharata

Fatima Sana Shaikh In Mahabharata

Recently, a photograph is shared by Dangal girl Fatima Sana Shaikh while reading Mahabharata. We are pretty aware of the fact that Aamir Khan and Fatima is quite close to each other as she has debuted in an Aamir Khan movie. The lady is also an integral part of Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie Thugs of Hindostan as well. Now, the question is whether Aamir will make Mahabharata. If yes then whether Fatima will be part of it too? We surely love to hear an announcement.