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“I Was Emotional After Watching Ishaan’s Debut Film”- Says Shahid Kapoor

March 9, 2018 Views: 171

Shahid Kapoor And Ishaan Khattar

Between Shahid Kapoor and his half brother Ishaan Khattar, there has been an age gap of about 14 years. Instead of being father, Shahid has a fatherly feeling towards Ishaan  and it has been admitted by Udta Punjab actor himself. While waiting for the release of the movie by Ishaan Khattar Beyond the Clouds on  global arena, Shahid has said that he has been mesmerized after watching the movie.

Regarding Ishaan’s performance in the movie, Shahid has said “Ishaan is excellent in Beyond the Clouds. I’m so proud of him. My biggest fear before I went for the screening was, ‘How would he be in the film?’ I knew if he was good, I would get emotional and if he wasn’t, I would get depressed. I struggled to get my Bollywood break. For him, it was much easier because everyone is aware that he is Shahid Kapoor’s brother. So, I know that all eyes are on him.”

While talking about nepotism, he has said People make a cardinal mistake when they assume that they have a certain sense of ownership over the film industry. Often, I have seen an attitude that goes, ‘It runs in my family, so I’ll be a star.’ However, that’s not the case. If you have a star parent or sibling, it gives a huge start but in the long run, you need to have some mettle. I always hoped Ishaan has his own personality and style. And I’m happy that he has managed to do so.”

According to Shahid, everyone will be impressed by Ishaan’s work as he is very passionate about movies. It is really huge things for Ishaan to get a celebrated director like Majid Majidi for his first movie. So, it can be considered as an excellent beginning for Ishaan .

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