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“I Used To Keep Looking At Ranveer Singh In His Weird Clothes” – Says Jatin Sharma

May 19, 2020 Views: 121

Ranveer-Singh-Jatin Sharma

For Jatin Sharma, life has changed completely following to the release of Sacred Games on Netflix. In the web series, Jatin has played the role of misogynistic Bunty. It is a very popular character from the series. Now, Jatin Sharma is going to be seen in Kabir Khan’s 83. In the movie 83, Jatin Sharma will be playing the character of Yashpal Sharma. During an interview, Jatin has talked extensively about the movie as well as its lead Ranveer Singh.

Regarding Ranveer, Jatin has said “Ranveer use to wear weird clothes and those were the initial days when we first met. I used to stand and see him and wonder what he was doing and how was he able to do so. I used to be shocked. The cricket world cup (2019) was going on and he used to go for commentary. So I am sitting at my breakfast table and I see a man wearing many weird clothes, holding a speaker in his hand. I used to think something was wrong with him. But you know what? The thing is he enjoys that and that joy and that happiness reflects from his face and body. ”

Jatin has also talked about his bond with the Padmavaat actor Ranveer Singh. He has also told us Ranveer and I are both passionate. The thing that we relate with is the passion towards our work and the passion towards acting. So we had a very different relationship. We used to pull each other’s legs. He used to take my case every day and used to feel empty if he didn’t do so. I used to feel worried that Ranveer’s banter with me would affect my mental preparation. I am the kind of actor who concentrates a lot before going for a shot. But I realised that he’s fun to work with. An amazing person full of knowledge. He respects your work and he respects you. I shared a special bond with him.



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