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“I Love The Way Deepika Padukone Has Evolved As An Actor” – Says Urmila Matondkar

June 28, 2018 Views: 602

Urmila Matondkar

From the 90s, Urmila Matondkar has been one actor who has been stunning in glamorous roles and breathtaking in the performance oriented movies at the same time. Rangeela song is still popular due to her moves in it. Following to gap of long time, she has made a comeback in movie Blackmail with a song called Bewafa. Urmila being the dancing number queen, the song has not been up to the mark. During the movie promotion, she has been asked by the media about an actress from current generation who she likes. In reply, Urmila has given us names like Deepika Padukone, Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt. Later on, she has given her explanation for the choices also.

Talking on the matter further, she has said I’ve love the way Deepika (Padukone) has evolved as an actor over the years. From where she has started to where she has reached, she has tried to do different kinds of roles. The range has been fantastic. Alia (Bhatt), of course, is lovely. Even Kangana (Ranaut) has done phenomenal work. She becomes the character she plays. By watching the shift to content for movies, Urmila has been really happy. She has told us, Different kinds of movies are being made and they’re doing good business. It’s changed a lot and for the better. This whole thing that movies are not being made for heroines solely is also not prevalent anymore

Regarding reaction from the fans about her song Bewafa Beauty, Urmila has said I think people might have felt so because the song, Bewafa Beauty, has been presented in parts till now along with the film’s promo. But in totality, when you see it in the movie, it will make sense. It is located in a dingy bar, not some exotic night club of the country. First of all, I do not know where such songs are done in our country, how we see in our films. But this is in a dingy bar and she is a diva in her own sense in that dingy bar, and people go to the bar on the days when she performs. The outfit, the jhatkas, matkas, everything make sense when they will see the song in totality in the movie. The look and feel is very massy.


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