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Hrithik Roshan Makes Doodles And Comic Strips For Only His Sons Hrehaan And Hridhaan

April 12, 2018 Views: 52

Hrithik Roshan With His Sons

Being a doting father, Hrithik Roshan always tries to fulfill his son’s wishes. Something special has been done by Kaabil actor Hrithik Roshan on the birthday of his son Hrehaan. On the occasion, Hrithik has posted a video on his social media page. During the video, he has tried to help others. In length, Hrithik has spoken about conquering their battle against fear. It is important to believe the fact that no one can push you down. In spite of being a star, Hrithik has always talked about his weaknesses and how he has triumphed over them.

The video comes with the caption that says To all our sons and daughters and to the child within us all. Sharing something I wrote

According to the reports in the media, in addition to showcasing his talented as a poet, Hrithik can be looked as a comic strip artist also. Regarding hidden talent of Hrithik Roshan, it is said by a source, Hrithik believes in mental stimulation for his children, so he has been creating comic strips and penning stories for his kids. He wants to give out important lessons that will help them grow into compassionate human beings. The stories are told in the format of comic strips and Hrithik designs the doodles himself

By the spokesperson of Hrithik, it has been said He spends time on these stories alone first. Once he has given form to the story by way of doodles, he shares them with his kids. He will never publish them as it’s meant only for his two sons.

Isn’t it really sweet?

On the topic of his journey in Bollywood, he has told everyone, I am who I am today not in spite of my handicaps and struggles, but because of them. If you have the right perspective towards your struggles or your pain that you’re going through, they can actually become your wings. It can help you fly higher and that is the message I want to send. A human being has to build his own awareness of his mind to be able to harness his resources to enable him to rise from every fall and to overcome any hurdle or struggle or handicap




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