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How To Tame Your Crazy Hair!

October 31, 2016 Views: 448

Kangana's Hair

Are you scared enough with the crazy behavior of your hair? It something like when you have nowhere to go, it is all shiny and sparkling. But just the moment you are heading out to your nearby store and spot a handsome guy just beside you, your hair tend to betray by going berserk! Isn’t it happening with you every time?

It is true that not everyone is blessed to silky smooth mane or gorgeous curls that are so liable to follow all your instructions. Are you one of them with unruly hair that stays in the midst whether to behave like straight hair or curly hair?

If you are not blessed with great hair and often feel jealous with those shampoo ads, let’s have a look on these easy tricks to tame your crazy hair!

  • Treat Your Dry Strands
Alia's Haircare

Alia’s Haircare

One of the biggest problems with our hair is its dry strands. Sometimes, we get the dry hair inherently. However, regular styling your hair, humidity and environmental pollution make the dryness of the strands more prominent. The simplest hair care routine to fight against the dry strands is to use hair serum every time you are going to use straighter. Also don’t forget to use leave in conditioner after shampoo in order to tame the crazy hair.

  • Stick to All Natural
Deepika's Haircare

Deepika’s Haircare

It has been seen that in a country like India, homemade remedy is the best way for caring beauty and skin. Hence, the hair care routine works best while following it in the Indian way. So, it is always better to make your own mask and apply it at home. Coconut milks contain all those important minerals required for your healthy hair. It works amazingly as antioxidant, cooling agent as well as antiseptic. So, applying all natural coconut milk can do the magic by taming your hair.

  • Granny Knows It Best
Coconut oil

Coconut oil

How can you ignore the good, old advice of all grandmothers to oil your hair regularly! Applying coconut oil regularly helps as a conditioner that can soften and nourish your hair all in natural way. So, if you are planning to cut your frizzy hair, first use coconut oil!

Now, decide, which remedy are you following today…