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How Fitness Affects Your Life

February 16, 2017 Views: 230

Health Anf Fitness

Exercising is good for health. We have heard someone say that innumerous times. But how exactly does it affect our health. Understanding that might provide us more motivation to get up earlier and stretch.

It increases the lifespan and helps you live a better life. A healthier body is capable of warding off diseases. It also improves the emotional and mental functioning and bolsters productivity. A healthier person is in a better position to have healthier relationships.

  1. Fights depression – Exercising releases hormones which relieves stress and promotes a sense of well being. It lifts moods and affects the brain’s chemical serotonin and combats negative feelings.
  2. Improves sleep – People who exercise regularly fall asleep faster, sleep deep and awaken less during night. Deep sleep is essential to rejuvenate the body and renew it.
  3. Improves mobility and vitality – Regular exercise slows down the aging process. By staying active you can keep the cardiovascular function intact and make you look younger. Those who are active preserve their mobility and independence for longer.
  4. Sharpens wit – With greater physical activity, you will see more blood flowing to the brain. It is seen that physically active people have good lungs function and better memories. Those who have sharper brain and mind are at lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. While all forms of exercise have its benefits, aerobics is especially useful.

Take time out from your schedule and start exercising for 30 minutes daily.


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