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Here’s To Friendship Day – Bollywood Style

August 9, 2016 Views: 655

Dr Bhaskar And Anand

Friendship has been a theme in B-town movies. It’s a reflection of the life we lead. Among all the relations we have, friendship has a place of its own. It blossoms in the oddest of places and situations. There’s no age or gender to it. Bollywood movies have drawn inspiration from this special relation to script stories that showcase the sentiments, emotions that run deep into it.

Here are some stories from Bollywood that had friendship as their main theme –

Dr Bhaskar and Anand in Anand –

This classic movie from Hrishikesh Mukherjee, starring Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna had this emotional bonding between the two, something unusual for a doctor. Amitabh the doctor was mentally attached to his patient Anand who was a happy-go-lucky person suffering from the incurable cancer. Everyone who has seen the movie will remember Babu Moshai’s haunting voice.

Vijay and Sher Khan in Zanjeer –

Vijay And Sher Khan In Zanjeer

Vijay And Sher Khan In Zanjeer

There was this moral-police inspector named Vijay and a gambling den’s egoist owner played by Pran won the hearts of the audience back in the 80’s. This unlikely friendship born out of respect for each other later results in one trying to save the other’s life. Jeeyo Friendship!

The friendship that blossomed between Shyam, Raju And Baburao was hilarious and heart touching too.

Shyam, Raju And Baburao In Hera Pheri

Shyam, Raju And Baburao In Hera Pheri

There was mischief, much merry-making in the form of going after each other’s throat, yet there was some bonding between the three.

Jai and Ali in Dhoom –

Jai And Ali In Dhoom

Jai And Ali In Dhoom

There was this love-hate relationship that was the basis of the friendship that developed between a petty thief and a police inspector in Dhoom. They ended up working with each other to bust a gang of robbers in inimitable Bollywood style.

There are many more such friendship tales that we have seen in Bollywood. We have only so much space to list them. But we hope you got the trail. Happy Friendship’s Day.



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