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Here Is What Anushka Sharna Will Be Called In Pari And It Is Not Same As The Title

February 28, 2018 Views: 161

Anushka Sharma In Pari

If you are fan of Anushka Sharma then it may be little hard to see her as a devil who has been scaring the people. Pari is expected to be a supernatural thriller. From the home production of Anushka Sharma, it is her third project. On the occasion, she has been collaborating with KriArj Entertainment. From the first time when the first pictures of the movie have been released, a lot of buzz around the movie can be noticed. Lovers of horror movies are certainly excited to see the trailers of the movie.

In the beginning, we have thought that Anushka Sharma is playing the titular character in Pari. However, it is not true. Now, we have come to know that her character in the movie will be called Rukhsana. Question may come to your mind now who is Pari. It is possible that there is no character called Pari in the movie. Through the title, an ironical take on the story may have been taken. Tagline of the movie is also very interesting which says “It is not a fairytale.”

Regarding look of Anushka Sharma in the movie, Clover Wootton who is a British Prosthetics Designer has said “There are many shades to Anushka’s character in Pari. But, most importantly, we wanted people to forget Anushka the person, and think about Rukhsana (her character) alone. Anushka being a strikingly pretty face, we didn’t do too much with her. We just made her eyebrows bushier, added lenses and darkened the under eyes so that she looked more tired. We blurred the edge of her lips so that it looks drier and that is literally all that we did. Depending on the scene requirements we made her cheeks a little more pink but that’s about it…nothing more was done and yet, she looked so different!”

Anushka Sharma Pari look

Anushka Sharma Pari look

Pari will be releasing on 2nd March at theatre. Direction of the movie has been given by Prosit Roy. In addition to Anushka Sharma, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Parambrata Chatterjee and Rajat Kapur can be seen in the movie.

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