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Healthy Habits To Adopt For Better Health

May 6, 2017 Views: 764

Healthy Habits

Health is the greatest wealth one can possess. Little things we do daily add to the overall goodness. If we do a few right things right each day, we can avoid many troubles and keep ourselves in good shape.

Let us see what some of these are –

Brush twice daily –

Brush Twice Daily

Brush Twice Daily

This doesn’t seem to be too much. All it takes is two minutes in the morning and again in the evening. But most of us do not bother to brush in the evening after dinner. We are too spent or really not interested.

Exercising for half an hour –



This is one step that can add years to our life. There are so many forms of exercise. There is yoga, pilates, zumba, aerobics, swimming, jogging, walking, running and many more forms. Choose one that suits your personality, lifestyle and budget. One may choose to gym.

Meditation –

This is tough. To begin with one has to overcome the resistance that the mind poses. Once you overcome this, you can start breathing exercises. Learn to control the breath and be aware of it. Start with a minute. Slowly increase with time and training. This is quite hard and may require will power.

Choosing healthier food items –

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

There are multiple food choices. Include a vegetable in your diet. Buy fresh fruits and think of new ways of eating them if the kids do not like to eat them as is. We must also remember that while we have spent time on this earth the kids are still growing and their needs are different from ours. Even if it is not possible to cook different dishes for each member choose a few days when the kids are given special attention.

Be happy –

While life may not give you the opportunity to always smile or shout out loud in joy, try and be upbeat. Look at the blessings He has given you. Recollect the happy days.



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