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Has Sarika Taken Help Of Aamir Khan To Reclaims Her Home?

December 20, 2017 Views: 464

Sarika And Aamir Khan

Death of Sarika’s mother Kamal Thakur has landed her in a mess. 57-years old actress Sarika has been trying to acquire something that is hers. However, she has been finding herself in short of luck. Sarika has a flat in Bhanu Apartment which is placed at Juhu, Mumbai.  In the same area, residence of several Bollywwod actors can be found such as Govinda and Vivek Oberoi. The reason behind confusion is a will of her mother where the flat has been given to Dr. Vikram Thakur. It has been demanded that the flat has bought on the money of Sarika. The power of authority belongs to Sarika’s mother. It is observed that Sarika’s mother Kamal Thakur has disinherited her and given all her property including the flat to Dr. Thakur.

Right now, Sarika has rented apartment in Mumbai and staying there. She has divorced her Tamil Superstar husband Kamal Hasan few years back and returned to Mumbai to start a career once again in Bollywood. Shruti Hasan, her daughter has a house. However, the younger daughter Akshara stays in both Chennai and Mumbai.

According to our source Sarika doesn’t have a home of her own, Akshara lives with her father in Chennai. But she does visit her mother on a regular basis.

It is heard that Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has wanted to help Sarika to come out this situation. We have come to know Sarika is a close friend of Aamir’s first cousin Nuzhat (Imran Khan’s mother). When she apparently approached him to help her, he is said to have stepped forward to study the matter and see how things can be resolved in the best way”. However, official confirmation from Aamir on the subject has not been obtained yet.


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