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Happiness At Your Finger Tips

February 15, 2017 Views: 392

Finger Tips

In the humdrum of everyday life we forget that little things make our life happy. Some activities that we look at as chores can change the life we lead if we look at them differently. We can control the activities we do which in turn can go a small way or even a long way in changing how we look at life, thus impacting us positively.

We have heard about positive energy. A clean tidy room affects our mood; so does an untidy room. Picking up after your husband or kid may not be something everyone likes doing. Agreed. But it’s something that tidies up the home. Clutter is representative of negative energy. So, reduce stuffs in your home. Things that don’t add to your home either visually or functionally need to be dumped.

Finger Tips

Finger Tips

Display sentimental items around your home. Things that remind you of happy experiences, times you spent making merry or sweet memories are worth placing in the home. Include these items in your décor.

Start writing a journal. Not everyone is into writing, so it could very well be a one-liner. Jot down just one line from your day. Something that made a difference or you did to change the world or your life a little. Reflection is an important part of growing. Later when you don’t have the cerebral capacity to remember things anymore, you can open the journal and simply read through.

Finger Tips

Finger Tips

When you get up each morning, set a purpose for the day. Each day is a gift. Sometimes we are so occupied with the daily activities that we forget that we are here only temporarily. Life is uncertain. Do something useful ach day that either takes your life forward or enhances it. It could be something productive like learning something new. Being more punctual. Being grateful for life’s gifts.

Spend a few minutes each day connecting to something greater than you. Just stare at the stars. They make you feel so insignificant, don’t they? Take a walk in the park. Listen to music. Raise your mind and thought to the more spiritual part of human existence.



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