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Funny Mistakes In Bollywood Movies – Which You Never Noticed!

November 18, 2015 Views: 1,848


Bollywood movies sometimes take their viewers for a ride, literally! Some mistakes in Bollywood movies when we list here which will make you “Shit! Damn, how did I miss this?” Check them out below and I am sure you would wish to check them out again in YouTube or next time you see the movie.

Let’s roll:

  1. Krrish – Preity Zinta was pregnant was bloody 24months!

    OMG! Preity Zinta was pregnant for 2 years while Hrithik Roshan was in Singapore. How? Pls director saab – tell us is it Rohit’s baby?


  2. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge – Kajol could have easily got into the coach near to her!

    When you are late and train has already started – you dont wait for the right coach to get it, but the nearest coach. Here, Kajol ran her heart out to reach to the same coach gate to get hold of her beloved hands. Must say, you’re a good runner.


  3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag – Singing Nanha Munna Raahi Hoon before it was released!

    Movie is set in 1950s, song was released in 1962 and still our very own, Milkha Singh sing it to her beloved Sonam Kapoor.


  4. PK – No Pakistan Embassy in Brugges!

    There is no Pakistan Embassy in Brugges, its in Brussels. Piya hua hai kya?


  5. Chennai Express – SRK died being a South Indian, got buried like a Christian and his ashes was immersed in Ganga – Aiyooooo!

    SRK was born in a South Indian family – but when he died he was laid into the coffin – but later in the movie it is shown that Kareena Kapoor went all the way to immerse his ashes? Well, we dont know which religion did SRK actually belong to?


  6. Dhoom 3 – Katrina Kaif’s magical socks keep on changing  its size!

    In the song Kamli, Kat looks super hot – but her magical socks did not impress us – and it kept on changing from small to big to small and then super boots.. I am sure while dancing you cannot pull up your socks so fast.


  7. Sholay – No electricity in village but a high-rise water tank???

    If there was no electricity in the village, how does the village have a high rise water tank? Well, director must know.


  8. Lagaan – New rules, new game?

    That time – when the movie is set onto – an over had 5 balls but it shows 6 balls per over. How? Well, let the makers fool us as they have been doing so far.


No matter how funny these mistakes are, we love our Bollywood movies! 



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