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Funny Act Of Riteish Deshmukh From Bank Chor Trailer Will Certainly Bring A Smile To Your Face

June 5, 2017 Views: 349

Bank Chor Trailer

Trailer of Bank Chor is out now where Riteish Deshmukh and his two friends have been trying to steal a bank with a funny avatar.

Quite lot robbery movies have been seen in the industry. However, it has a certain unique charm. Comedian like Riteish Deshmukh has been a part of the movie. Therefore, a laugh riot can be expected.

Here, the bank robbers have been trying to loot a bank in a right manner. Before committing the crime, robbers always read the horoscope. Prayers are seen before the God. Chant of Ganpati Bappa Morya is seen before threatening people at the location.

Bank Chor

Bank Chor

Through the entry even, a hilarious situation is created as Riteish tries to emulate Bob Marley with the traits of simple Marathi Manush. Comic timing is just spot on at every given occasion. However, jokes can be considered a bit lame. However, it can be surpassed. Scenes have certainly shown a new form of thieves. One of these robberies has not been conducted in right manner. On the occasion, appearance of sharp and witty cop played by Vivek Oberoi can be noticed. Handlebar moustache suits him perfectly.

By looking at the trailer, it is evident that movie will be a happy experience. In the movie, you may also able to see beautiful Rhea Chakraborty. The movie is expected to release on the month of June. Bumpy has worn the cap as a director with the movie. However, the movie will be produced by Ashish Patil. Through this movie, robbery will be given a new twist. It can be considered as a movie where you may have to sit up and take notice.

So, let’s look at the trailer now. Which scene has made you laugh most? Be ready to see the most horrible bank chors onscreen soon.

Reference link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx0jZWnlS3Y&feature=youtu.be