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Finally, Sonam Kapoor Has Said Something Regarding The Ring On Her Finger

February 23, 2018 Views: 265

Sonam Kapoor And Anand Ahuja

On social media, pictures of Sonam Kapoor and her alleged boyfriend Anand Ahuja can be seen quite often. However, they have never said anything about the relationship in front of the media. According to the reports, Sonam and Anand will be married in the year 2018. Suitable venue for the wedding may be finalized soon by the family. Destination wedding will be on the cards for Sonam and Anand certainly.

Several times, Sonam has been questioned about her boyfriend as well as her wedding. However, she has never commented on the issue. Sonam has said “Unfortunately, I do not talk about my personal life. I have never commented on that and will not do now. Speculations are rife but that is okay. I won’t ever discuss it.”

On asking about her wedding at a recent event, Sonam has told everyone, “Unfortunately main media ke saamne kabhi apni personal life ke bare main baat nahi karti hoon (I never talk about my personal life in front of the media). Thank you for keeping interest in my life.”

Regarding ring on her finger and engagement, Sonam has said, “No, it’s not, but even if I was, would I tell you?!” When a reporter has marked that the ring is in her ring finger, she has said ““Ya, so, I wear a ring on both fingers.” During this time, Sonam has pulled some of reporter’s leg in jest also by asking about their jewelleries.

Questions have been avoided by Sonam on the occasion artfully. However, we will wait patiently till the time Sonam announces her wedding.

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