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Fashion is what is “in” in terms of dress, shoes, accessories, etc. Lifestyle is what someone wears, does, uses and prefers in his day to day life, which becomes a part of his life after a point. It goes on to define his personality.

These two terms are related. Someone who has a fashionable personality will be in tune with what’s the latest trend. He may like to wear what is the current trend and may use products that are currently sold in the market.

That is his lifestyle.

Yet others don’t bother much about what is trending but have their own style. They carry themselves in a specific way that defines them. Like, for example, a lady who is quite fashionable wears a sari to office on a daily basis. She wears a certain type of sari or wears it in her own style that everyone recognizes or matches her shoes with her sari color or maybe its her handbag that she matches. That is her style. It’s not about what sari is in fashion today but more about how she wears it. Vidya Balan whom we recognize as the actress in Kahaani wears a sari almost always. She wears a variety of colors and designs but she sticks to saris in social occasions. That’s Vidya’s style.

Some people have their own style and are also fashion-conscious. Fashion changes. Lifestyle too may change. Someone may be a vegetarian today and a few years down the line may switch to being a vegan. Her lifestyle changes accordingly.

But style seldom changes. How you speak, how you carry yourself, etc is your style and it may not change much.

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