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Don’t Judge A Movie By Its Title Anurag Kasyap Says About Haraamkhor

January 12, 2017 Views: 435

Anurag Kashyap

One of the most outspoken directors of Bollywood Anurag Kashyap may fall in to a tussle with CBFC Board once again for his movie Harramkhor. It is a movie where Anurag Kasyap has held the baton as producer instead of a director.

According to the Dev D director, hypocrisy and false morality has been obstructing the ways to Freedom of speech and expression. There is no doubt in the fact that the title “Haraamkhor” is intriguing title. It is an Urdu word which is used by people in disdain and anger. During an interview, the director and one of the producers for the movie has told us that “Haraamkhor” cannot be considered as a foul language at all. Lots of people speak the word very naturally. Things are often perceived in different manner from its actual state.

The movie “Haraamkhor” is scheduled to release on coming Friday. It is a movie that has showcased throughout the world in various film festivals especially in Los Angeles and New York. Debut director Shlok Sharma has done an amazing job according to the producers. Through the movie, relationship between student and teacher has been described which has been played by Shweta Tripathi and talented Gangs of Wasseypur actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Guru-shishya relationship has been found very sacred by the society. Therefore, the movie has already received some words from CBFC. Due to objectionable nature of the theme, CBFC has denied a certification to the movie. However, FCAT aka Film Certification Appellate Tribunal has cleared the movie last month. On the occasion, a U/A certificate has been offered to them also.



Through crowd funding, the movie has obtained some money. It is quite a surprise that the movie has been made under 1 crore. To find exhibitors, issues have been faced by the director and producer also. Entire movie of Haaramkhor has been shot in a village of Gujrat. Therefore, a flavour of rural India can be seen on the occasion.

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