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Dhadak Director Shashank Khaitan Reveals How Was Janhvi Kapoor After Resuming Shoot Following To Death Of Sridevi

August 6, 2018 Views: 79


To come out of personal tragedy, help is required from others always according to Dhadak director Shashank Khaitan. Following to sudden demise of Sridevi, her daughter Janhvi who is debuting with Dhadak has returned to the set to complete the remaining shooting. Just after 13 days from the tragic accident, Janvi has resumed the shooting to be precise.

On the occasion Khaitan has said, It was very important not just for me but for my entire team to isolate what had happened as a personal tragedy and get back to filmmaking in a professional way. Everything I felt at that point was dealt on a personal level. Credit to Janhvi and her family on how they dealt with it. When we came back on sets, it was really important that we focus on the film and not let it bog us down or do things differently because then we would be cheating the film

Praising Janhvi, Khaitan has said that she has shown how to stay strong even in tough times. Coming back to the sets, she has worked normally. It is said by Shashank Khaitan, “We were behaving the way we were earlier and trying to make things normal. We had a proper 12-hour working day when she returned and we didn’t make any special efforts to reduce the time or go slower

Later on Dhadak director has added, As someone who knows her and her family, there were certain things I would do differently on a personal level which I would continue to do. But as a film director, I had a responsibility not only towards her but to everybody associated with ‘Dhadak’

For Dhadak, name of Janhvi has been suggested to Karan Johar by his dear friend and fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

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