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Chutney: Tisca Chopra Killed In Her Own Style In This Short Film

January 9, 2017 Views: 520

Chutney Poster

No one can question about the enormous acting talent of Tisca Chopra. This time, she has startled us with her short film not only as an actress, but also as a producer. The short film has left us panting for more. Though short in duration, Chutney gives a long-content drive with the economy of expression mixed by a severity of emotional leverage.

Chutney has proved that one doesn’t need two-three hours to establish characters and momentum of plots. Only with few gestures, looks or swipes, it is enough to produce underlined emotions in the detailed script.

Tisca Chopra In Chutney

Tisca Chopra In Chutney

Chutney took place in a very disturbing plot revealing the conversation between a housewife in Ghaziabad (Tisca used a very convincing frumpy makeup) and another woman (played by Rasika) who causes the reason of threat for her married life. Tisca has successfully portrays the character as a wife with ‘don’t-mess-with-my-marriage’ finality and ‘I-won’t-let-you-cheat’. If the wifely concerns of Tisca were not so tragic, they would be definitely some fodder for the black comedy.



Apparently, Chutney is fragile and small slight; however, it is very sturdy and self-composed underneath. Of course, there are some smaller performers who fly in and out with their energetic anxiety so that the director creates the imminent doom. But due to Tisca Chopra’s core performance, it has becomes possible to hold the plot.

Though Chutney is a short film, but is serves almost like a dish for Tisca Chopra to crew up. And she has killed it in unexpected ways.

Watch the short film Chutney here:https://youtu.be/0krwKbsQscw