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Can’t Afford A Private Plane? Then Try Paramotoring For A Thrilling SkyVenture

February 10, 2017 Views: 1,445


Guys, just put on your helmet and fasten your safety harness! Now get ready to take off…

For those poeple who always love to explore new ways of adventures, different kinds of sky adventures are quite alluring. Along with paragliding, ballooning and sky diving, now there is another addition – paramotoring. Well, now you don’t have to afford a private plane when you have that amazing feeling with paramotoring experience.

Haven’t ever heard of paramotoring? Then, keep reading on to know about this amazing sky adventure –

What is paramotoring?

Paramotor is the common name of propulsive portion of powered paraglider. Paramotor consists of a motor with a frame, harness with integrated seat, propeller and cage. When you take a ride through the paramotor, you are provided two attachment points that allow you for powered flight.



What is the major benefit?

Paramotoring allows you to fly like a bird. Even you can feel the wind through your hair. Once you rise on the air, you will get the great bird’s eye view of the local.


You must remember to wear your ear defenders that are sorts of earmuffs. And if you forget to wear them, you may get a bad cause for temporary deafness.

Powered Paragliding In Pune

Powered Paragliding In Pune

Best places for paramotoring in India

There are various places in India where paramotoring sky adventure available. In fact, certain training institutes conduct basic training session on paramotoring to make you a pro in this field. Some of the popular paramotoring destinations are Hadapsar, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Jaisalmir, Ran of Kutch, Bhopal and many more places.

If you know to know more about this interesting skyventure sport, watch the video here –


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