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Can Arijit’s Public Apology Soothe Sultan’s Wrath?

May 26, 2016 Views: 619

Arijit Singh And Salman Khan

The Tum Hi Ho singer Arijit Singh writes a public apology in Facebook to the Sultan star, as he faced the wrath of him after insulting him at a public event. As it appears; Arijit who sang a song in Salman’s upcoming project Sultan, has allegedly insulted the super star at a public event, which made Salman Khan quite upset. The enraged actor is reported to record another version of the song sung by Arijit with another singer.

However Arijit seems to have understood the consequences to anger Bhaijan and thus posted a public apology to calm down the wrath of the super star. Here is the apology letter that Arijit posted in facebook –

Arijit Singh-Salman Khan-Apology Letter

Arijit Singh-Salman Khan-Apology Letter

The letter clearly shows Arijit clarifying that he did not insult Salman intentionally, rather it was merely friendly banter, which definitely has gone wrong, and at least the actor did not take it sportily. Arijit also mentioned in his letter about another singer recording a different version of the song sung by him and requested the star  not to eliminated his version from the movie for his behavior. Arijit also expressed his love for Bhaijan by saying that he is also a great fan and would be extremely honoured  to sing for Salman. Well it is not clear yet, whether the Gerua singer has managed to win the heart of Sultan back with his apology letter, as Salman is definitely furious at Arijit and is not returning his calls or texts.