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BTS Video From Padman: Akshay Kumar Says Sonam Kapoor Is From Paris And Radhika Apte Is Not Aware Of His Movies At All

January 4, 2018 Views: 167

Sonam Kapoor-Akshay Kumar Padman Confessions

Padfman is releasing on 26th January, 2018. Trailer of Padman is mesmerized the audience already. Now, a behind the scene video has been shared by the Holiday actor Akshay Kumar. Like always, Akshay is teasing his co-stars Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor. On the occasion, Airlift actor Akshay Kumar jokingly says that Sonam has come from Paris.

In the video, Akshay has acknowledged the fact that he has been trying to bring Radhika and Sonam in a single frame for about 45 minutes and it is pretty hard to do so without any doubt. Akshay has described the trio as Three Ps. Explaining the term Three Ps, Akshay has said that Ps are Paris (Sonam), Punjab (Akshay) and Pune (Radhika).

Laughingly Sonam has denied the statement completely and said to him that she is Mumbai girl. By hearing this, Akshay has shown his shocked face.

Now, Sonam strongly declares “Main Bombay ki hoon”

Padman actor Akshay has continued with the teasing attitude and confessed that Sonam has once told him Meko New York bhi bola toh chalega. Khiladi Akshay has asked Sawariya actress now that how she can lie?

Later, Akshay has asked Sonam from where she has bought her clothes. He also said that length of her cloth is huge. So, people can easily pass through them while they are on the road.

The video is really hilarious. Akshay has tweeted the video with the caption “Some fun banter and back seat confessions. Here’s Team #PadMan getting candid, act 1

On the other hand, Rustom actor Akshay Kumar has teased Radhika Apte also. He has claimed that Radhika does not know anything about his movies. Therefore, he has quizzed her regarding his movies.

Akshay Kumar And Radhika Apte

Akshay Kumar And Radhika Apte

The teasing affair has been going on the backseat of the car where Akshay Kumar has been seen with beautiful ladies Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte between the shoot of Padman.

Reference Link:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge7IokXJSGo – Confession 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLIBF4Y0HvU – Confession 2

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