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Breakfast – Making It Healthy

September 4, 2017 Views: 383


Breakfast as the name suggests is important. It is your first meal of the day after a long night’s fasting. It will also keep you going for many hours until you have your mid-day snacks or lunch. It should be filling, nutritious and a little healthy too.

With children it is tougher. They need variety. There are multiple options however. All you need is a little time. Seasonal fruits can be added to the breakfast plate. If kids do not like fruits, they can be made into milkshakes which camouflage the fruit with the milky taste.

  1. Oat meal
Oat Meal

Oat Meal

Oats are a healthy breakfast option as they are high in fibre, low calorie and loaded with critical minerals your body needs.

  1. Curd


Love it or hate it curd is a great way to kickstart your day, it is yummy, fresh and jam packed with nutrients and also has plenty protein that keeps your stomach from growling. Take curd of being a side dish and churn it and throw some fruits in to make it a yummy breakfast. To top that the calcium in curd helps aid weight loss and has probiotics.

  1. Add nuts to your breakfast


Add a handful of nuts to your breakfast on the side, it packs several health benefits including fibre, protein and healthy fats. It is as easy adding a spoonful or your yoghurt, smoothie or oatmeal



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