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Beautiful Aditi Rao Hydari Has Shown A Bold Stance Against Casting Couch In Entertainment Industry And Is Not Afraid To Lose Work Due To It

October 9, 2018 Views: 100

Aditi Rao Hydari

Today, Aditi Rao Hydari has made a name for herself in Bollywood industry. However, a lot of people may not be aware of the fact that she has started her career in South. Recently, Aditi has been seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic drama Padmavaat where she has portrayed the role of Mehrunisa. Right now, she is working on Mani Ratnam’s upcoming project. In spite of being a talented actress, it has not been an easy journey for Aditi in the industry. In fact, she has faced the evils of casting couch on her way.

Due to claims of Sri Reddy in down South, the issue of casting couch has been discussed a lot in recent times. According to Aditi, casting couch is a nightmare for the people who have been trying to enter in the industry. It has been more prevalent in the past. Talking to a newspaper, Aditi has revealed about these realities of entertainment business. As Aditi has not caved in to demands of such nature, she has to pay its price also.

On asking about casting couch, Aditi has said I have also been in this situation but I was able to stand up to it, make my decision and move away. I did lose work and I cried about it. I didn’t regret it but I cried about it because I felt so upset that this was true and this is how girls are treated. I was like, how dare someone to speak to me like that! For about eight months [after the incident] I didn’t get work, but I feel that decision made me stronger in my intention about the kind of work I wanted to do. The year 2013 was difficult for me as it was also the year I lost my father but from 2014 onwards everything kind of fell into place. Sometimes you need to see a situation, deal with it, get out and be very comfortable with it, and that’s how I felt. You need to be comfortable with the consequences and have no regrets.