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AWWW!!! Taimur Is Having Fun With Swings

January 31, 2018 Views: 77

Taimur Ali Khan On A Swing

Latest batch of Taimur’s picture on internet will surely make you happy.  Fans are quite in awe of Taimur. Therefore, every picture of Saif and Kareena’s little munchkin Taimur has been lapped up by the audience. Cute face of Taimur cannot be ignored. So, it is not right to blame the media. The kid has been spotted by the paparazzi again today.

Lots of Pictures of Taimur on a swing can be noticed on the occasion. It has been playtime for Taimur. His face looks quizzical while trying to comprehend the laws on gravitational force while on the swing. There is no doubt in the fact that Taimur is enjoying himself thoroughly on the occasion.

In some of the clicks, it seems like that he has been looking towards the camera directly. However, truth to be told he may not be bothered about the camera at all. Camera seems to follow him everywhere. Therefore, he may be used to it.

Both Kareena and Saif have decided not to hide Taimur from the media. It is believed by them that media may become more eager to click his image if he is hidden. Therefore, they have gone with a safe option. On the matter, Saif has said Kareena and I knew there would be media interest in our son. It’s hard to bring up kids without the attention; I don’t know how he is going to react to the attention when he grows up.

Taimur has already become a member of a gym. Recently, he has been snapped at a fitness centre for children called My Gym. It is a place that looks after the development of kids emotionally, cognitively and physically. Classes on weekly basis can be observed for dance, music, games, relays, sports and gymnastic.

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