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AWWW!!! Proud Father Rakesh Roshan Talks About Son Hrithik And His Achievements

January 12, 2017 Views: 2,034

Hrithik Roshan And Rakesh Roshan

Having a son like Hrithik is a dream for the yesterday actor and Karan Arjun director Rakesh Roshan. On the occasion of Hrithik’s 43rd Birthday, the actor-director Rakesh Roshan has shared his feeling with the media.

Hrithik as an achiever

According to Senior Roshan, Hrithik aka Duggu has managed to achieve things which he wants always. Everything is taken by him as a challenge.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik as an excellent student

Focus of the Koi Mila Gaya actor is something to admire. As a kid, Hrithik is always an introvert. Socialization is not his thing at all. Therefore, the actor has stayed within the periphery of home mostly while playing his games. From the childhood, Hrithik is not interested in movies and he has never tried to act in front of the mirror. However, he used to read a lot.

Difficult Childhood

Being more close to the mom, father Rakesh Roshan may not have made a mark on Hrithik’s mind. Rakesh has never spent time with his sons and daughter during childhood years. However, they used to go for holidays. Therefore, childhood years may not have been easy for them at all.

Hrithik In Childhood

Hrithik In Childhood

Special Treatment             

In spite of getting a chance from abroad to learn special effect, Dhoom 3 actor Hrithik has stayed back with his father and supported him in the movie Karan Arjun as an assistant director. During these shooting, Hrithik never used to sit with his father. Instead, he has been asked to join the crew like everyone else in the unit. The actor has also travelled in taxis, buses and autos like other ADs in the movie. During the shoot, he has never got a special privilege as a director’s son. Apart from Karan Arjun, Agneepath actor Hrithik has also assisted Rakesh Roshan in Khel and Koyla before a launch with Kaho Naa…Pyar Hai.

Hrithik As An Assistant Director

Hrithik As An Assistant Director

Living father’s dream

Rakesh Roshan thinks himself as a failed actor. Therefore, he has always wanted to live his dreams through his kids. Hrithik has managed to pull off father’s unfulfilled dreams. There is no doubt that Hrithik is a superstar now. It makes Rakesh a proud father. However, ups and down is certainly a part of life.

Better dad

Hirthik can be considered as a good son. There is no doubt that he is better father than him also. Hrithik has always taken care of his sons.

Hrithik With Kids

Hrithik With Kids

Trusting nature

Rakesh thinks that Hrithik trusts other very quickly. There is nothing wrong in it. Trust is important between friends and family. However, the actor has been hurt on several occasions. From these experiences the actor has learned a lot of things.

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