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Awesome!!! Music Maestro AR Rahman Gives A Twist To Urvashi Urvashi In MTV Unplugged

January 16, 2017 Views: 710

AR Rahman

The 2.0 version of the song Urvarshi Urvashi may not be as bad as Humma Humma song from OK Jannu which has been recreated by rapper Badshah. For the new season of MTV Unplugged, music legend AR Rahman has recorded a new rendition of Urvashi Urvashi from the 1994 movie Humse Hai Muqabala.

Through contribution from the fans, new lyrics of the Urvashi song have been created. Following to a request from Rahman, thousands of messages from fans have been seen. However, only four of them have been chosen for the refreshed version of song. Flow of fresh ideas has been observed. Now, it will be interesting to know which ideas have cemented a place within the song. Waiting is the only solution here.

For the new version, help from Suresh Peters who has been the singer of original song and composer Ranjit Barot have been taken by AR Rahman. Complete acoustic set up is observed throughout the song. In Shankar’s movie Kadhalan, the song has been composed for the first time. Later on, the song has been presented in Hindi language with the remake of the same movie with the Humse Hai Muqabala. Both Nagma and Phabhudeva have been part of the movie.

AR Rahman

AR Rahman

Real picture of the world has been showcased with the unplugged version of Urvashi Urvashi. The song has focused on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton as well as recent events related to demonetization. Interesting interpretation of the song can be heard this time. Similar humorous tone of Tamil song can be presented here too.

Single has been released by MTV and everyone is pretty stunned with the reference of Donald Trump. Take it policy has been introduced to him. Watch the video and you may able to get the tone of song.

Tell us now, do you love the song?

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