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Anti Aging Yoga To Stay Young

November 25, 2015 Views: 1,869


Collagen is the scaffold on which our skin is built. It provides the firmness and elasticity that we see in young skins. With age, collagen levels drop and leads to wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet. Collagen can be administered artificially through products sold in the market from creams, serums to drinks. They aim to increase the collagen content of our skin. But these products have their side effects. Not all of them are naturally prepared. Chemicals are known to cause many problems including, reactions, headaches, hair fall and cancer. Women are known to use cosmetics more than men exposing them to these hazards more thereby.

Aging is a natural occurrence. There is no escape from it. However, we can try and age slowly and gracefully.

Change your lifestyle

Consider lifestyle changes to include healthier habits. Eat healthier, natural and exercise more. Take rest, relax sufficiently and engage in stimulating conversations.

Turn to yoga as a way to reduce the ill effects of aging.

Kapal Bhati

kapal bhati anti aging yoga

This yoga will improve blood circulation and add radiance to the face. It is a breathing technique that eases the mind, releasing tension.


This is yoga for the face. Relaxing the facial muscles and relieving stress is what it aims to achieve.

Face clenching  

face exercises anti aging yoga

These are simple postures for the face that will relax and relieve any tension.

Neck stretching

 neck stretching anti aging yoga

Get rid of wrinkles from the neckline by stretching your neck each morning. It will also eliminate excess fat from the neckline.

Set aside half an hour from your morning schedule to perform some of these yoga asanas. Choose a place that gives you the space and ambience to relax, rejuvenate peacefully.

Practice meditation if you can. It helps calm the mind, stay focused, positive and delays the aging program.