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Another Glory For Anushka Sharma As She Has Been Chosen As The Brand Ambassador Of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

February 6, 2017 Views: 484

Anushka Sharma

Once a star reaches to optimal fame and keeps impact throughout the nation, he or she gets the opportunity to be chosen as the face of nationwide healthcare and sanitation campaign.

Anushka Sharma has probably reached to that fame as she has been chosen as the face of PM Narendra Modi’s initiative – The Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. Already Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has been honored as the brand ambassador of the campaign. Now, Anushka Sharma has become the female ambassador in this enormous nationwide campaign. She has been selected based on her popularity among the young generation across rural and urban India, especially among women.

Anushka Sharma During Shooting In Swachh Bharat

Anushka Sharma During Shooting In Swachh Bharat

In order to sharpen and focus on the communication with India women, the ministry has specially selected Anushka. They want to be more focused towards women who are living in rural and semi-rural places. A source from the government states, “As per research done extensively by the government, men resist using and building toilets in rural and remote areas but women really want to use these. They are often unable to do so as the men don’t feel the need for it. Consequently, they end up defecating in open spaces like fields and farms which has many risks and dangers for women”.

Anushka Sharma During Shooting In Swachh Bharat

Anushka Sharma During Shooting In Swachh Bharat

Due to such unpleasant situation, the adverse effect of open defecation increases the spread of diseases and questions the safety for women and children. Women’s safety is at risk now as the women have to go alone to the fields and other open places because of the absence of toilets. The reason for choosing Anushka is revealed as “Anushka has wide appeal with young audiences and has played inspiring female characters onscreen, the government felt she would resonate with women, and was therefore chosen for the campaign”.

Anushka has already joined the Swachh Bharat campaign in Mumbai’s Film City where she has been seen in red traditional outfit. She is clicked during the shot for the campaign.



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