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“Alia Bhatt Didn’t Make Us Feel Like Newcomers Or That She’s A Star” – Says The Doorbeen Singers On ‘The Prada Song’ – Here Is The Video For You

August 24, 2019 Views: 88

Alia Bhatt-Prada Song

In the beginning, The Doorbeen singers have been in disbelief hearing that Raazi actor Alia Bhatt has agreed to become part of their music video. The condition has continued till the time of music video shoots. Baba aka Gautam Sharma from Doorbeen has said We were over the moon when we found out that she had come on-board. And when we met her on set, we were happier!

Some time back, the band has given us the chartbusters titled ‘Lambergheni’. Regarding Alia Bhatt, Gautam has said later on, She made us feel so comfortable and she’s so sweet and humble! She didn’t make us feel like newcomers or that she’s such a big star. She cracked jokes and chatted with us so much that we were completely at ease and the shoot was done smoothly.On the occasion, Alia has also confessed that she has heard the song on a loop for a long time. During Alia’s friend Devika Advani’s wedding; Alia has also danced on the song.

For the Punjabi song lovers, The Doorbeen is a well known name. Their new song ‘Prada’ certainly will become a hit too. Prada is Alia’s first music video. In the video, Alia has done an amazing job. Here, Alia has been featured with The Doorbeen boys Gautam and Omkar. It is a party number that has an excellent beat. Through dance moves, Alia has managed to add some swag. Here, outfit of Alia requires a special mention too. The song has been sung by The Doorbeen and Shreya Sharma.

Let’s hear the song now.

Reference Link: https://youtu.be/PV4LMYstfnI

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