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After Chandan Prabhakar, Ali Asgar To Return To The Kapil Sharma Show?

August 12, 2017 Views: 308

Kapil Sharma

Kapil is seeing some hard times with the drop of TRP of his show. This is now probably changing.

With the exit of some of the key members of The Kapil Sharma Show in March, the comedy series has witnessed a major change in terms of its team members as well as its Television Rating Points (TRPs). Earlier we had reported about Chandan Prabhakar returning to the show, Bharti Singh joining hands with Kapil only to quit a few weeks later. And now, it seems like Ali Asgar is now contemplating on returning to The Kapil Sharma Show.

Ali had quit Kapil’s show apparently owing to creative differences and is now seen in Kapil’s rival Krushna Abhishek’s The Drama Company. Yet, fans continue to miss him as Kappu ki Dadi (the role he played in The Kapil Sharma Show).

In an interview with the Times of India, Ali has hinted at a possible reunion with Kapil. “Maine koi kasam nahi khai uske saath kaam nahi karke ki (I haven’t promised myself not to work with Kapil). He was the captain of the ship where I used to work. That project did not work out, that’s it,” he said.

Ali Asgar And Kapil Sharma

Ali Asgar And Kapil Sharma

Talking about his reason to quit the show, Ali said: “I was not happy with the way my character shaped up. It had no definition. I felt people would get bored of watching me at some point. I had to do something else. I would get little to do in the last few minutes of the episodes.”

“In the last over of a match, when two balls are remaining and you ask the batsman to hit 12 runs, how is that possible. I continued with it for a year and then I decided to plan my exit. Around that time, the unfortunate incident on the flight from Australia happened, which further fuelled the exit,” he added.

While fans will only be happy to see Ali returning to The Kapil Sharma Show, the actor-comedian is currently in a happy space as his new show The Drama Company is doing well in terms of TRP. Ali recently tweeted: “Honesty hard work pays, Thank you God for this opportunity…hope we get better with time.”

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