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Aankhen 2 Controversy: What Makes Ileana D’Cruz Accuse About Her Casting In The Film? Check Out The Full Story

August 23, 2016 Views: 1,123

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Recently, Ileana D’Cruz stated her accusation against the makers of Aankhen 2 that the makers are using her name for the sake of publicity. But what is the exact story behind this? Let’s check out here –

The controversy began after Gaurang Doshi, the producer of Aankhen 2 publicly announced Ileana D’Cruz’s name during an event for the launch of the film. The event was held recently where the producer confirmed the news that the Rustom actress will be the part of the film along with releasing a video featuring Ileana. But everything was turned out when Ileana revealed that all these things happened without the consent of Ileana.

Aankhen 2

Aankhen 2

After the event, Ileana instantly used Twitter to clarify, “For all those asking, I have not signed #Aankhen2…” From a source, close to the actress it has been revealed that at the mahurat Gaurang showed Ileana’s video and he also made it clear that she would be acting in the film. Even Amitabh Bachchan also confirmed the news. But the actual truth is neither Ileana is acting in the film nor she is aware of it. Therefore, such announcement made her infuriated. The actress came to know about her being part of the film only when she got congratulation message from people. Now Ileana is pondering over whether to take initiating action against Gaurang.

Proposed Casting Of Aankhen 2

Proposed Casting Of Aankhen 2

However, it is all from Ileana’s side where there is also another side of the coin. Let’s see what happened there –

After hearing such allegation, Aankhen 2 producer Gaurang lashed out Ileana in an interview with TOI for bringing such wrong allegation against this film. Considering her as a ‘not-so-famous’ actress, the producer of the film stated, “Aankhen 2 doesn’t need Ileana, we already have our four aces­ Amitji, Arjun, Arshad and Anil. If we wanted to use an actor’s name to promote our film, we would have said that Aankhen 2 stars Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif!”

Announcement Of Aaankhen 2

Announcement Of Aaankhen 2

He also clarified that Ileana would not give them additional distributors, viewers or exhibitors. It was Ileana who had loved the film and was ready to do it. He also added, although she agreed, she needed about a week to process the paperwork and so the producers agreed to wait. In fact, Gaurang said that Ileana told them that she really enjoyed the music of the film and even ready to attend the muhurat shot. Now, after her allegation, the producers have been trying to contact her and find out what was wrong with her. The producer of the film said “She doesn’t seem to want to speak to us. Someone has definitely misguided her. But looks like we’ll have to get a better actress on board too”.



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